Dale interviews… Jamie Schultz!

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Today’s interview is with one of the most creative people I know. Jamie is not only a great photographer, but a talented designer. She has created many templates for MpixPro products, all of which are super yummy!

1) Advice for photographers who are attending WPPI for the first time:
My best advice for photographers attending WPPI for the first time is to go into the experience with an open (and well rested) mind. There is so much information available and it can be quite overwhelming. Just carry a notebook and jot notes throughout the week and take time to process it all when you get back home. Also, keep in mind that some of the most valuable information you may gain might come from the people you are surrounded by during the week. Lunch and dinner breaks with my peers often led to in depth conversations about how we could continue to grow our businesses.

2) Without giving too much away, what’s y’all’s talk gonna be about at the MpixPro booth at WPPI?
I’ll be speaking about how we can exceed our client’s expectations to give them an incredible portrait experience and increase our profit margin at the same time.

3) You are CRAZY creative! How do battle creativity-block?
Creative blocks, for me, usually stem from a mundane routine. Meeting with other people who share my passion for all things creative, traveling to new destinations, and experimenting with new recipes are all strategies I use to battle creative blocks.

4) MpixPro has some pretty sweet products. What do you love?
My clients LOVE the custom image boxes and cd cases.

5) Do you have any unique uses for MpixPro products?
Yes! Many of my newborn clients purchase a custom image box to store keepsake items from the hospital (i.e. hospital bracelet, knit cap, booties, etc..)

6) Outside of photography and design for a second… what do you love to do?
I love spending time with my family at our cottage up north…especially in the summer. A few other things that make me insanely happy are roaming through book stores, traveling, cooking and running.

7) Best advice or words of encouragement for a new professional:
In this industry it is easy to get wrapped up in the latest trends/props/editing style. I would encourage any new professional entering this market to spend time analyzing their work to determine their own personal style. Stay true to what comes naturally to you and build your business on your style.

Make sure to stop by the MpixPro booth at WPPI to meet these famous photogs in person!
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  1. Fabulous interview with an incredible photographer and designer! GO JAMIE!