Dale interviews… Bobbi and Mike!

Hey everybody!
I’m super excited about today’s post. Bobbi and I have been friends since we met in March at a great three day workshop where we were on the same team. Over those three days, I saw her laugh until she cried, and cry until she laughed. She is hilarious, she is smart, and she is genuine. If you are one of her gazillion blog readers, I bet you feel like you know her too. I look forward to meeting Mike at WPPI, but I feel like I know him too! Read their interview below, and scroll even farther to see some of Bobbi and Mike’s favorite images.

1) Advice for photographers who are attending WPPI for the first time:
1. For us, the first time we went it felt completely overwhelming in the beginning! But, really… It’s not. Just come out earlier if you can, look through the speaker schedule and trade show map, make a plan and get your bearings.
2. If you want to say hello to someone you admire, do it! As long as you’re polite and respect people’s space and time, it’s all good!
3. Take advantage of vendors whose products you have questions about. The only dumb question is one not asked!
4. Don’t lug your SLR around the trade show unless you have a specific reason. Put it down and enjoy yourself. A small point and shoot is your best friend. As a matter of fact, using it to photograph products at the trade show that you’re interested in is a great way to catalog them into memory!
5. Stay at the MGM. Being close to the happenings just makes everything easier and stress free. Made THAT mistake the first year…. Will NEVER do that again (then again, we went the cheap skate route and had a TERRIBLE experience…)

2) Without giving too much away, what’s y’all’s talk gonna be about at the MpixPro booth at WPPI?
Let’s just say we’re big fans of being yourself 🙂

3) You always seem so personable and interactive with your clients. Were you always so outgoing?
In the beginning, almost every photographer frets about how to appear “professional” enough. Trouble is, most think professional means tightlipped, emotionally detached, and technically perfect. We went through this stage as well… though it was very short lived because that isn’t who we are!
If you’re engaged and down to earth with your clients, you’ll get the same in return in your images! Technically sound photography is important, but it’s only half of an image…what’s the use of a well composed photo if the smile is phony and the body language is screaming “ARE WE DONE YET!!??” For us, our clients enjoying the shoot is just as important as the end product.

4) MpixPro has some pretty sweet products. What do you love?
MpixPro does indeed have some sweet products. I love that there are so many unique products that are edge to edge nothing but photo love 🙂 There isn’t an “your-photo-inserted-here” feel to MpixPro’s one of a kind items!

5) With your fun brains, do you have any unique uses for MpixPro products?
Really, your imagination’s the limit. It’s about the ability to personalize items for your client. Your clients don’t have to receive their proofs in a musty, mass produced, impersonal box any more!

6) Outside of photography for a second… what do you love to do?
Bobbi – I love spending time with friends, sitting on a couch, wearing pajamas and laughing hysterically. I’m about as low maintenance as it gets. As far as hobbies: cooking, painting and snuggling… Not necessarily in that order 🙂
Mike – tennis, keeping up on politics and the world in general, reading and just being outdoors. Kickboxing in a past life (the repeated blows to the head explain a lot!)…

7) Best advice or words of encouragement for a new professional:
The first few years will be a hell of a ride while you’re learning. Many times you’ll work a lot for not a lot of money; for some jerks who don’t appreciate photography, and you’ll work in tough venues. All of these challenges will make you a more resourceful, quick-thinking, capable photographer AND you’ll appreciate good clients, venues and vendors!
Show what you want to shoot, manage expectations, market consistently and well, treat clients like people…and shoot your butt off!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for another fun interview!
Talk to you soon,

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