All the Buzz at WPPI

Hey everybody!

The booth has been a blast so far here at WPPI! There is a certain excitement I can feel when I walk into the booth and it’s because photographers are going bonkers over the new products MpixPro has developed.

Here’s the calm before the storm:
MpixPro WPPI Booth

At Imaging USA there was crazy buzz of the metal murals and metal prints; even though this is still a hot item (and the metal print is still my super favorite MpixPro product) all the rage is over a couple new press products and the canvas gallery collection. No joke, they’re amazing!

What new press products, you ask?

Let me just show you!
wallet box
The Wallet boxes are RI-DIC-U-LOUS!! They’re such a smart product and have a great price point. I think the reason photographers are talking about them so much is because it fills a definite need photographers have and they’re SOOOOO cute!!!

Also, the accordion book is a MEGA-STAR!

I think they’re going to have to have some more printed and shipped to WPPI because these super products are disappearing – a sure sign that everybody loves them. Ha ha!!

Lastly, the mini-accordion books are HOT! They’re magnetized so they can actually stay closed, they can have a custom cover, and you can order them in SINGLES! SHUT UP! I can think of about a hundred different uses for these. We’re going to start selling them to our boudoir girls right away!

I’m going to post a WPPI wrap-up blog soon, and I have some fun shots to show, so stay tuned!

Talk to you soon,

4 Responses to “All the Buzz at WPPI”

  1. Long time MPIX user, new super passionately converted MPIX-Pro user. We visited the booth today and we are blown away with the quality and service. Great work!!! Special kudos to Shelley Paulson for being super, super nice and showing us all the good stuff!

    We are back from Vegas and have already submitted our applications. Can’t wait!!!

  2. Those wallet boxes ARE awesome! I love them….however, can we get the wallets die cut??? I like it so much more when I can order wallets already pre-cut for my clients that way they don’t have to cut them themselves.

  3. MpixPro says:

    Our wallets are die cut standard.

  4. AWESOME! I am looking so forward to ordering me my first wallet box!