WPPI Preview: Josh Newton

Speaking topic is Travel/Destination Weddings – going to be talking about how I got to travel to 31 states and 19 countries for photography. How to travel well, what I pack, how I got the jobs, what my workflow is, and also go into my business philosophy. Thanks!!

1. I’m an international wedding photojournalist from Santa Barbara, CA and have been shooting professionally for about five years now. I have traveled to 31 states and 19 countries for work and basically travel all year round – I am the guy that lives in airports and his home is anywhere he’s at! I have worked for CNN and Soledad O’Brien making a documentary about orphans in Haiti, photographed a couple week tour only on Vespas for Warner Bros, shot all of Colbie Caillat’s latest album photos with Universal, and I’ve photographed about 120 weddings all over the world. I’m also a speaker and love helping other photographers with my workshops and 1 on 1 meetings, I’ve helped a good number of people go from never owning a camera to running a full time photography business. I love empowering others to do what they love to do. I do my best to use my creative skills and photography to defend the rights of the poor and needy – I have a passion for fighting injustice and helping organizations that do this (Thirst Relief, Child Hope International, Child Center in Cambodia, International Justice Mission). I’m an artist, speaker, teacher, philanthropist photographer, entrepreneur, and traveler. I’m Josh Newton =)

2. My two favorite products are the layflat albums and the custom DVD cases! Love them =)

3. This might sound cheesy, but I definitely get my inspiration from the beauty of the world. I love the outdoors, camping, and taking landscape photos is probably one of my favorite things to do =) As far as photographers go, I find inspiration from my friends Montana Dennis, Bobby Earle, David Jay, Jasmine Star, Jeff Newsom, Image is Found. They are all amazing photographers and I love looking at their work!

4. I have whole workshops on advice for new photographers! But, if I had to sum it up… I guess my advice would be this. Don’t listen to anyone else regarding your dreams, make it a goal to shoot 50,000 photos in a year, be kind, genuine, thankful, humble, joyful, and have fun everywhere you go, don’t compare yourself to others work, success or photography, don’t be fearful of how many other photographers there are (real competition doesn’t exist in our field), and don’t be afraid to step out in faith and do things that sound impossible – in life or in photography.

5. Craziest thing thats ever happened… wow, well. A groomsmen fainted in the middle of a ceremony because his ex-wife (also a bridesmaid in the same wedding – and their TWO kids were the flower girl/ring bearer!!) had found out 6 months prior that her then husband had a baby with another woman (and had since gotten divorced)… and the pastor was speaking on the sanctity, life long commitment, everlasting love, and the eternal nature of the promise made at a wedding. Awkward.

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