WPPI Preview: Dale and Meredith Benfield

Dale’s Wedding Site:www.benfieldphotography.net
Mere’s Boudoir Site: www.arkansasboudoir.com
Dale’s Twitter: @dalebenfield
Mere’s Twitter: @meredithmcclary

Speaking Topic: How to make a BAZILLION dollars by becoming the hot photographer in your market.

Tell us about you!
Hey everybody! Meredith and I are wedding photographers in Fayetteville Arkansas, and I’ve been shooting for 13 years. We photograph weddings, and Meredith has a thriving boudoir photography business. We’re getting married in March over in Florence Italy! Yay!

What are your favorite Miller’s/MpixPro products?
I love Luxe Cards. They can be used for anything from Christmas cards to save-the-dates to gift certificates. Meredith loves the mini-accordion books for her boudoir.

Where do you find inspiration?
I love to previsualize. I know I can’t always come up with 800 shots to capture at a wedding ahead of time, but my favorite all-time images are ones that popped into my head and have waited for just the right moment to come out. We also find inspiration in good light. I could drink it and swim in it and roll around in it.

What advice to you have for beginning photographers?
Learn the business of photography or you won’t be around very long. We all love to photograph, but those who are the best at marketing and sales are the ones who stick around the longest. Also, embrace social media. It’s free and wildly popular.

What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened on a shoot?
Well, it wasn’t something I did that was crazy, but my first ever wedding to photograph (in 1998), the couple had a 2nd ceremony in place of their reception that was done in Klingon. Yes, Klingon. They spoke funky languages, wore costumes, and CUT THEMSELVES with a dagger during the vows portion. I’m surprised I ever shot another wedding after that!

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