Fuji Paper Conversion

Over the coming weeks our E-Surface paper will transition from Kodak photographic paper to Fuji’s Professional paper. The E-Surface conversion is complete at our flagship brand, Miller’s Professional Imaging, and proves to be a success, resulting in our confidence that the paper change was the right choice for our customers.

Now the same transition is underway at MpixPro. Below are FAQs that may come up during the transition.


How will this affect my images?

Our production team has worked diligently on this conversion. The good news is that this change will have a minimal effect on your prints.

Will you convert the Kodak Metallic paper to Fuji Pearl paper?

Yes, that change will happen sometime in the coming months. We will post an official date to the blog as soon as we have it finalized.

Do I need to make any changes to calibrate my monitor for the new paper?

No, the profiles you currently use will work with the new paper.

One Response to “Fuji Paper Conversion”

  1. Why are you changing to Fuji? I find it cheap and run too magenta.