Dale’s Super 7 WPPI Tips

Hey everybody!

With WPPI just a few days away, I thought I’d share my super seven tips for making it a success.

First, use hashtags on twitter to find out what’s going on.  Just by searching #WPPI you can find out a lot of great info about get togethers, impromptu shoots, classes, etc.  Oh, and if you don’t have a twitter account, get one.  It’s free and easy.

Second, download the WPPI 2010 iPhone app.  It’s free and very informative.  You don’t have to tote your schedule along with you (what room was that class in again?) because it is in the news features of the app.  Get the app here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wppi-2010/id355642796?mt=8

Third, plan ahead.  There is a LOT you can do ahead of time to save yourself sanity, and a massive footache (there is a LOT of walking).  If you head to the wppionline.com website, you can view the entire tradeshow maps.  Yes, maps, as in two.  For those of you who are lazy, here is the direct link. http://tradeshowfloorplan.com/wppi/2010/ But just know, laziness will get you nowhere at WPPI.  FYI, the MpixPro booth is #611 and is right by the BIG OL’ Canon booth.  Come see some great speakers throughout the week (schedule to be announced soon!), and get your fingers on some great products.

Fourth, bank sleep.  My dad is a sleep technician, so I should ask him if this is even possible.  Nevertheless, Vegas is not for sleeping.  You will be tired by the end of it, without a doubt, if you do it right.  Balancing between the humongous tradeshow, platform classes, and parties is tough, but is essential to the full WPPI experience. You can sleep on the plane home.

Fifth, don’t be shy.  My very favorite part of WPPI, or any tradeshow for that matter, is the networking.  I love meeting up with old friends, and meeting my cyber-photog friends for the first time.  There is no shortage of parties, so there is no excuse not to bond with some buds in the biz.  Also, if you see a photog you know from the interwebs, go up and introduce yourself.  Vegas is not for the silent types. Every big name photographer I know loves talking with people, so muster up courage and go have a handshake. Or a high-five.

Sixth, stay clear of the slots.  I know the Las Vegas mayor would ask me to apologize and retract this statement, but don’t come to Sin City to gamble.  Besides there not being any time, I’d rather spend 100 dollars on a delicious meal and dessert than losing it to bad luck.

Seventh, set up a WPPI email address.  I took this tip from a [b]school friend, Jason Aten.  You can read his WPPI tips here: http://www.startworkshop.com/blog/2010/2/23/some-thoughts-on-wppi.html Setting up a WPPI email is something I didn’t do before my first WPPI trip and I’m still regretting it.  I love getting emails from companies I love, but I dread clearing out my inbox from companies I don’t care about trying.  If you don’t want to set up a whole new email address, just create a filter that sends “WPPI” emails into a certain folder.

Here’s to a productive and enjoyable time in Vegas,


P.S. Have a good tip?  Leave it below!!!

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