Imaging USA Preview: JP Elario

JP Elario

Descirption: JP will share some of the core principles that have helped his studio become the most in-demand in his market and how he continuously attracts new clients without ad dollars. You will learn how he gets the most out of Miller’s Lab from start to finish with all of his clients.

Miller’s/MpixPro booth: Tuesday 11am; Luxe Lounge: Monday 12:15pm

1) Tell me about you!
I’ve been shooting weddings since I was 11 years old. My father started our business over 25 years ago and as a child I begged him to bring me along and shoot. For me what I do is a passion. I love what I do. Nothing makes me happier than capturing memories for my clients to cherish forever.

2) What’s your favorite Miller’s or MpixPro product (and why)?
I love print wraps because they are beautiful. The color and texture is just awesome. Press products are a hot seller for me, especially the new luxe line. I use the press products for save the dates, thank you cards and birth announcements. My clients just love them. If I’m looking to really get someones attention I go for metallic prints. The color you get on metallic prints is jaw dropping. I use these when I send prints of my work to local wedding venues. This way my stuff stands out a better than the other photographers e surface print displayed next to mine.

3) What piece of equipment could you not live without?
One of my most vital pieces of equipment is my Canon 50mm 1.2L. This is my go-to lens for many of my trademark images. It’s a focal point I’m really comfortable with and simply a beautiful lens.

4) Is there a certain piece of advice or mantra you play over and over in your head?
Have fun and enjoy what you do. I approach every wedding this way. I think it shows in my images too.

5) What’s something we’d never know about you unless you told us?
I have an addiction to buffalo chicken anything. I love it. Not that I have to tell you, but I go through more hair product in a year than Dale does. 😉 {VERY FUNNY, JP… VERY FUNNY… -Dale}

Twitter: @jpelario

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