Imaging USA Preview: JB & DeEtte Sallee

JB & DeEtte Sallee

Title: Weddings!  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!!!
Description: JB and DeEtte Sallee are a young married team located in Dallas, TX.  They have a strong passion for shooting weddings and will be speaking about their 7 years in the wedding photography industry and will share not just the good but also the bad and a little of the ugly!

Miller’s/MpixPro booth: Sunday 3:15pm; Luxe Lounge: Sunday 1:15pm, Monday 3:15pm

1) Tell me about you! DeEtte and I were both born in Dallas Texas and we LOVE to travel!  We met in college, I was her freshman orientater and it was love at first sight!  We have been married for six years and our date nights still consist of driving around and finding new places to shoot and coming up with new ideas for our next client! (I know we are dorks, but we are two dorks in love!)

2) What’s your favorite Miller’s or MpixPro product (and why)? We love the 2.5 inch Gallery Wraps and the Kodak Metallic paper with linen texture because they both sell themselves.

3) What piece of equipment could you not live without?
DeEtte… 50mm 1.2 (best lens ever made)
JB… Quantum T5d-r (I have been know to cry when my battery pack dies!)

4) Is there a certain piece of advice or mantra you play over and over in your head?
“Focus on your imagery and the rest will follow!” JB & DeEtte Sallee 🙂

5) What’s something we’d never know about you unless you told us?
I (jb) worked overnight shifts at a bakery in my college town baking and designing cakes for 3 years to put myself through photography school!  In 7 years of shooting weddings I have never had a piece of cake!  DeEtte on the other hand has had a piece of cake at EVERY wedding we have shot and still insist that our wedding cake was the best!

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