Imaging USA Preview: Elizabeth and Trey Homan

Elizabeth & Trey Homan
Our 10 Secrets to Continued Success

What does it take in this economy to have a successful portrait business? Elizabeth and Trey will give you the top 10 “Secrets” that keep them in the top of their field after 19 years in the business. One thing is for sure…YOU must change!! From marketing techniques and posing techniques to your product line and customer service, this will be a note-taking, business-changing mini seminar! Don’t miss it.

Miller’s/MpixPro booth: Sunday 2:15pm; Luxe Lounge: Sunday 11:15am

1) Trey and I have been married for 12 glorious years and have three amazing little boys! Life is crazy trying to juggle a photography business and raising our family. But through God’s grace our studio continues to thrive and we still take time to enjoy the many activities of our children.

2) I LOVE all the Miller’s products! But I would have to say the one service that Miller’s offers that doesn’t get enough attention is their art department. Back in the film days, Millers always did all of my retouching so when I switched to digital it was only natural to keep them doing it. While I do some retouching myself, Millers Art Department does the majority of artwork for my studio. It is kind of like having an employee only when you need one (and pay them only when they are doing retouching).

It’s pretty cool!

3) I could not live without my fuzzy flector! I love natural light but sometimes it just needs an extra kick and that is where my reflector comes in. Almost all of my images were created using natural light and my fuzzy flector ( It ROCKS!

4) Two things: One related to photography from my mentor Don MacGregor: “Cut out the overhead light using natural scrims like trees, porches or any overhang” and “Foreground, Middleground, Background” Now these things are ingrained in my brain and are second nature whenever composing any portrait.

One related to Business from Charles Lewis: “Plan your work and Work your plan” We take this very seriously in our studio and feel like this is one of the reasons for our success. We plan way ahead of any promotion or special event and never feel the crunch of being behind on marketing.

5) A lot of people know this because I have mentioned it before in our programs, but I was a professional Ballet dancer prior to starting my photography business and my husband was an Opera Singer and Choral Conductor. I feel all the years I studied Ballet is a great benefit to me when it comes to posing anyone. Guess what my favorite thing to photograph is? Dancers!! Love Them!!
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