Imaging USA Preview: Breanne Schaap

Breanne Schaap

Imaging USA Presentation Title: Taking Care of Business
Monday – 1:15pm

Description: Learn how to connect the dots between the art of photography and the business of photography. Want to know how to get the high paying clients? Its all in the details: From your style of art and composition to quality customer service to delivery of a quality product. It’s easy to get clients, but even harder to gain their loyalty.  Breanne will share her secrets on how she does it.

1) A little about Breanne:
“As an award winning photographer and the Founder of drop it MODERN©, Breanne is a double threat in the creative world of photography. Breanne loves the road of adventure and is fun to keep up with as she travels here there & everywhere. She has a fearless spirit, which fuels her drive to create all things MODERN. This California native is fascinated by anything and everything having to do with modern design, which shows up in her unique style of shooting. Breanne is known for her ability to beautifully blend rich elements of color into fresh, contemporary settings.”

2) What’s your favorite Miller’s or MpixPro product (and why)? Mpixpro’s Mini Accordion Book, I often take my blog photos and make a mini-accordion book out of them and surprise my clients with it 1 week after their session, which they love! It fits perfectly in the purse which helps with advertising.

3) What piece of equipment could you not live without? 50mm 1.2 canon lens and its buttery bokeh.

4) Is there a certain piece of advice or mantra you play over and over in your head? “Details, details, details, its all in the details.”

5) What’s something we’d never know about you unless you told us? I am a country girl at heart and like keepin’ it real.

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