Imaging USA 2011: It’s On!

A new year is here, and with that comes our Photography Convention season. First up, Imaging USA.

Come check us out in San Antonio, Texas from January 16th-18th and see what’s new at MpixPro!

Want a FREE pass to the Imaging USA Expo? We’ve got it!

We have a GREAT line-up of speakers representing MpixPro and our flagship brand Miller’s; you will not want to miss out on this!

MpixPro/Miller’s Booth Speaker Schedule:

11:15 am – TriCoast
12:15 pm – Brianna Graham
1:15 pm – Scott Westover
2:15 pm – Elizabeth + Trey Homan
3:15 pm – JB + DeEtte Sallee

11:15 am – Jamie Schultz
12:15 pm – Tom Bagby + Kristen McGill
1:15 pm – Breanne Schaap
2:15 pm – Dale Benfield
3:15 pm – Allison + Rich Reisz

10:00 am – Ryan + Andrea Zapatka
11:00 am – JP Elario
12:00 pm – Lou Freeman

We are also psyched to introduce the Luxe Lounge this year. This is a great place to relax, listen to awesome photographers and sign the After Dark Inspiration Wall.

11:15 am
Elizabeth + Trey Homan | Tom Bagby + Kristen McGill
12:15 pm
Lou Freeman
Kevin Jordan + Jordan Chan
1:15 pm
JB + DeEtte Sallee | Dale Benfield
2:15 pm
Jamie Schultz | Matt + Megan Lucas
3:15 pm
TriCoast | Belinda Reedy

11:15 am
TriCoast | Scott Westover
12:15 pm
JP Elario | Matt + Megan Lucas
1:15 pm
Brianna Graham | Jamie Schultz
2:15 pm
Ryan + Andrea Zapatka
Kevin Jordan + Jordan Chan
3:15 pm
Dale Benfield | Breanne Schaap

10:00 am
Brianna Graham | JP Elario
11:00 am
Ryan + Andrea Zapatka
Dale Benfield
12:00 pm
Tom Bagby + Kristen McGill
Allison + Rich Reisz

8 Responses to “Imaging USA 2011: It’s On!”

  1. david says:

    Sounds great guys! Keep up the great work! I wish I could come, its certainly a lot warmer down there than up here!

  2. Wish I could go, it is too late for me to make arrangements! If there is ever one in Nashville, I will be there!

  3. Alan Cox says:

    Can you list the topics these speakers will be covering?

  4. MpixPro says:

    In following posts we show their topics. Thanks!

  5. when is the next session & is there one closer to Louisiana

  6. Alice says:

    I wish I could go, If your ever in town in San Francisco let me and I will there!

  7. Sophy Sam says:

    Wish I could be there. Out in CA until the 20th.

  8. I’m here in San Antonio from Colorado! Ahhh it’s warm! looking forward to the great speaker line up