Business Card Options That Do More

The business card: it’s your calling card, it represents your studio identity and it’s the last impression you get to leave after meeting someone for the first time. Shouldn’t your card reflect the personality and professionalism of your studio in a way that’s as unique and individual as you?

MpixPro has several options for business cards that will leave your prospects wanting to know more about you and your studio.

Rep Cards – sized at 1.375×3.5 with rounded corners, these little cards pack a big punch and are just different enough to get noticed. Rep Cards come in sets of 25 with a complimentary silver tin with your first set.  Pair with Pearl Paper for a classy, eye-catching combination.

Business Cards – The classic way to represent your brand and to leave your contact information but with the quality of a Miller’s Press product. Size is 2×3.5 and is available on Cover Stock, Pearl and Linen papers.

Folded Business Cards – Maximum design space inside and out allows you to feature examples of your best work while getting the essential information about your studio out there. Finished size is 2×3.5 folded and is available on Cover Stock, Pearl and Linen papers.

3×3 Luxe Cards – Not your typical business card, these little cards will make a statement not soon to be forgotten. The 3×3 Luxe Card is the perfect way to set your studio apart and express your creativity like no one else in your market.

Browse now to start create the business card that does more!

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